Kilian Photography - a selected journey through my work

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a selected journey through my work.

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Please Fashion

A day in the industry for the fashion brand Please.

Models: Brenda & Inga

M&H: Linda Knapp


A day in a car park for the fashion brand Imperial.

Models: Nadine, Hülya und Mark.

M&H: Linda Knapp

Muli Art

Ani’s art is deeply emotional and breathtaking. Just like herself.

If you ever get a chance to buy a Muli, take it.

La Fama Clothing

A day between tracks, trains and walls for the fashion brand La Fama Clothing.

Models: Amani & Lucy

Katzensprung Festival

A mixture between electronic music, live music and workshops. Combined with hippies and a beautifully positive atmosphere the Katzensprung-Festival is one of the best electronic music festivals I know.


My Shoot with the brillant Marcel.

Supermodel and super-human-being.

Suit by Rolf Eisenmenger.


A fun day with a couple of bartenders, some boxing and some cooking.

Sponsored by Jameson.


This man is not just an artist. I consider him art.

Everything he does, the way he interacts with people and his environment.

It’s beautiful. Just like these Skateboards he painted.

Edy Rameyanto aka Rame.



A fun day in Hamburg with kind and hilarious Söhnke.


A fun and fruitful hour with the talented actress Pia Stutzenstein.



Lucy isn’t just beautiful, she also knows how to draw.

You can see her work here.